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Crystal Meth Anonymous is a non-profit, 12-step fellowship, for those seeking recovery from addiction to crystal meth. There are no dues or fees for membership to our fellowship. Membership in CMA is open to anyone with a desire to stop using drugs. Members of Crystal Meth Anonymous meet regularly to share support and fellowship. We create a safe environment to stay clean.

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Our website displays 90 meetings throughout County of Los Angeles including Palmdale, Long Beach, and Orange County, Santa Barbara County, San Bernardino County plus Riverside County including the Coachella Valley and the California Virtual meetings. Listings are for the current week day, including all types, all locations and sorted by time. Check out the Print Me “In-Person” CMA meeting list.

Today’s Upcoming Meetings

Local Time Meeting Location Region
6:00 pm CMA Newcomer Meeting Open
Los Angeles County
6:00 pm LFK-East Open
Los Angeles County
7:00 pm Sex, Intimacy and Relationships Hybrid, Open
KS Community Room
In-person and Online
Riverside County
7:30 pm Shardvark Open
Costa Mesa Alano Club
Orange County
7:30 pm Wednesday's CMA Guided Meditation Open
Los Angeles County
8:00 pm The Real Closed: Addicts Only
Back 2 Basic Hall
Los Angeles County
8:00 pm Eagle Rock Candlelight Open
Eagle Rock Presbyterian
Los Angeles County
8:00 pm California Coastal Virtual CMA Meeting
California Coastal

Meeting changes, updates or new meetings: Make Updates HERE

The CMA Newcomer Packet is seven (7) CMA pamphlets in a sleeve, designed to inform the new member of our fellowship. You can download the zip of all the files in one package.

Download the Newcomer Documents

CMA Books

CMA Books

Voices of the Fellowship. Our Recovery is a new collection of stories by a broad and diverse group of our fellows.

A Sober Cell – From the Inside Looking Out”. Personal stories of recovery from the members of CMA who have been incarcerated.

Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope” & “Crystal Clear: Historias de Esperanza”. Collections of personal stories of recovery from the members of the Twelve-Step fellowship Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA).

The CMA Recovery Store

At the CMA online store you can purchase official CMA chips, medallions, & stickers.

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