Information for Announcements for CMA Members’ Submissions:  Voices of the Fellowship, Meditation Reader, and Speaker Shares. You don’t see your story? Then share it for the newcomer that might identify with yours.

Voices of the Fellowship

The CMA World Services Literature Advisory Committee is looking for contributions of written material for future versions of our book.  Please write either a personal story similar to the ones found in the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous an NA’s Basic Text or an essay about your experience in recovery around a specific topic. Please keep your writing to a max of 4000 words. To send the submissions go to: Voices Of The Fellowship.

Meditation Reader

We are currently creating a CMA meditation reader. We are compiling entries from the Fellowship for this daily meditation book. This book will contain daily ideas to inspire our fellowship as we journey on the road of recovery together. For specific format and how to send the submissions go to: Meditation Reader.

Speaker Shares

Speaker shares by CMA members can be submitted for sharing on our website and on SoundCloud at “CMA Speakers”. To see the guidelines and to make a submission go to: Speaker Shares.

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