Information for New CMA Meetings

Welcome, new CMA meetings in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside plus Santa Barbara Counties.
The Los Angeles District of Crystal Meth Anonymous acts as both an Area District and our local Los Angeles Intergroup.

A.  Your CMA meeting is invited to participate in the LA District local CMA meeting directory and the CMA GSO World meeting directory.

  • We have lots of information available to you and your meeting.  You can ask for starter packs of literature and chips to help your meeting getting started. The District offers a few packets to each new meeting.
  • When the newcomer searches on the Internet, the search engines look for listings close to your member’s location in the CMAinLA directory.
    ……. Please give us 10 minutes and fill out the Los Angeles Directory listing form.
  • Your meeting will be added to the local directory and the CMA GSO website within 24/48 hours of your submission.

B.  To be part of the Los Angeles District…

  • Your meeting does not need to participate to be part of our LA fellowship but all are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
  • At the monthly GSR meeting, GSRs learn about local CMA events plus H&I and other CMA information.
  • When the GSR meeting is “in person”, chips, medallions and books are available at our cost at the meeting.
  • Each meeting is welcome to send a GSR (or secretary) to the District’s monthly GSR meeting on the second Saturday of each month at 9am PST.
  • When the GSR meeting is “in person”, coffee and donuts are provided.
  • Join the GSR monthly event.

We are looking forward to adding your meeting listing to CMAinLA.

Thank you for being of service,

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