PI&O Outreach Committee

Street Trooping
Street Trooping is where we drop off cards with the CMA helpline at places where those struggling with Crystal meth are likely to find them.  Requires 1 year of sobriety or 6 months with sponsor approval.

Volunteer with Public Information and Outreach!
PI&O needs your help to carry the message to all parts of our district that are currently underrepresented:  Orange County, San Gabriel/Riverside, Desert Cities and San Fernando Valley.  We are looking for local volunteers in those areas to join us for monthly planning meetings and help us plan and execute deeper participation in those communities.  Please contact the chairperson below if interested!

Volunteer opportunities for “LONG BEACH PRIDE 2024” are now open.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) to go to the signup sheet:


Volunteer signup sheet


Please note that because of the nature of the event we strongly recommend 1 year of sobriety or 6 months with sponsor approval. We only have a limited amount of wristbands ($35 value) for volunteers that the District has paid for so if you would need that please let me know. If we run out of wristbands you will be expected to pay for festival. To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!

PI&O Outreach Committee Public Information and Outreach (PI&O) offers many ways to be of service in carrying the message of recovery inside and outside of the fellowship, like our booth at events like PRIDE, the newsletter and street trooping.

Contribute to the newsletter! Our newsletter, The New Tea, is looking for people to help create and gather content for and from the district!  Everyone is welcome regardless of length of sobriety, especially those with a passion or talent for writing, graphic design and editing.  Time commitment varies, but will generally range from 2-8 hours per quarter.  Please contact Waleed or Robert on PI&O.

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